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Student Enhancement Training

The SET Handout is live: Click here for more information on the program certifications.

To attain the SET Core Certification, students are required to complete six core courses. Furthermore, the SET Core directly aligns with four of the five SDES Strategic Priorities: Safety, Security, Prevention and Care; Student Learning and Success; Career Readiness and Support; and Social Justice. The SET Core Certification must be completed first. It is a prerequisite for students who wish to attain one or more of the SET Specialized Certifications.

To view the schedule of sessions, please register for SET and you will receive permission to login to our Webcourses page.

  1. Leadership Development

    • Purpose: To foster the development of basic leadership skills
    • At the completion of this session students will be able to:
      • Describe their own leadership style
      • Understand the qualities of each of the different types of leadership
      • Examine how the different preference types work together
    • Hosted by the SET Steering Committee
  2. Diversity and Inclusion

    • Purpose: To engage students in a dialogue on the SDES diversity framework for creating and fostering a campus-wide inclusive environment using trainings, self-exploration opportunities and exercises.
    • At the completion of this session students will be able to:
      • Gain a deeper understanding of their own beliefs, attitudes, and emotions concerning diversity and inclusion.
      • Reflect on the value and challenges of diversity in the workplace and will discuss ways to make the workplace more inclusive
    • Course offered through the SDES Diversity Education program
  3. Conflict Resolution/Mediation

    • Purpose: For participants to develop constructive conflict response techniques and effective mediation skills
    • At the completion of this session students will be able to:
      • Describe strategies for mediating conflict
      • Enact three unique ways to confront disagreements in a professional manner
      • Understand the importance of effective communication and how to provide feedback
    • Course offered through Integrity and Ethical Development
  4. Customer Service

    • Purpose: For participants to practice effective customer service skills
    • At the completion of this session students will be able to:
      • Define the four elements of the customer service philosophy
      • Identify two strategies on communicating professionally
      • Locate and identify several key UCF offices, departments, and resources (KARS)
      • Determine when to refer a student to a partner, UCF Cares or a supervisor
    • Hosted by the SET Steering Committee
  5. FERPA Training

    • Purpose: To understand the FERPA law, identify FERPA violations, and to educate the UCF community to support the FERPA law
    • At the completion of this self-guided, online module students will be able to:
      • Define FERPA as the Federal law for protecting the privacy of students educational records
      • Understand impact of FERPA when assisting parents/students
      • Identify at least two examples of FERPA violations
    • Managed online by the SET Steering Committee
  6. Title IX Training

    • Purpose: To create a safe campus community by learning to identify and report Title IX violations
    • At the completion of this hybrid online/in-person session students will be able to:
      • Identify at least three potential Title IX violations
      • Understand the obligation of reporting Title IX violations as a responsible employee
      • Locate the Title IX website and reporting form
    • Managed online and facilitated in person by UCF Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
    • More information on Title IX