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Student Enhancement Training

The SET Handout is live: Click here for more information on the program certifications.

What is SET?

SET stands for Student Enhancement Training. The SET curriculum includes experiential, in-person trainings and interactive online courses. This program will consist of a foundational core and four optional, specialized certifications at no cost to participants.

What is the purpose of SET?

The purpose of SET is for UCF students to gain practical knowledge and to develop evidenced skills that directly shape their role as an SDES leader. By completing this program, students will also develop transferable expertise to advance their career at UCF and beyond.

Who is eligible for a SET certification?

The SET program is only available to SDES student employees or peer educators.

How do I apply to the SET program?

You can register at, Once you have completed your application a member of the SET team will reach out with additional instructions.

How often are SET sessions offered?

The SET program is designed to be completed in a semester. Several sessions will be offered throughout the semester with additional SET sponsored sessions occurring in some departmental trainings. You can see upcoming SET events by going to the UCF events calendar or by going here,

Do I need to complete the SET Core before receiving additional SET Certifications?


How long do I have to complete each certification?

Students have to complete the program within one academic year.

What are the SET Specialized Certifications?

The SET specialized certifications include, Social Justice, Career Readiness, Mental Health & Crisis Management, and Wellness.

Is there an online component to SET?

Yes, SET is a mixed mode training. The majority of the sessions will be in person, however there are modules, such as the SET Core FERPA training session that must be completed online.

What if I don’t attend a SET session that I registered for?

In the event you cannot attend a SET session that you have registered for you will need to notify the SET team. Simply email

What additional support can I provide to staff member going through the SET program?

Count attendance at training programs as work hours. Provide pay increase incentives based on completion of core at/or specialized tracks at the discretion of the unit director.

Do I need to incorporate aspects of the SET curriculum into my office/departmental training?

No, but SET has been designed to help establish minimum work competency for all student employees. If students do not participate in SET, the core course topics should be covered one way or another in training for all SDES student employees.

Is there a way for me to track the progress of my employees?

Yes, you will be enrolled in the SET Webcourses (Canvas) site so you will be able to see any uploads, graded quizzes, or other materials submitted by your employee.

How do I know when sessions are occurring?

You can see upcoming SET events by going to the UCF events calendar or by going here,

What if my employee doesn’t attend a session they registered for?

Please encourage your student employees to attend what they sign up for. Dependability and reliability are two traits often looked for by employers in interviews. If a student must miss a session they signed up for they should notify the SET coordinator immediately.

What incentives can be tied to SET completion?

See question #1.

Can my office or department sponsor a SET training session?

Yes, this is a possibility. It would require prior approval from the SET steering committee. Email

How can I get involved with SET?

Contact Us at anyone in the SET Steering Committee.